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We are a renewable energy and sustainable development consulting firm with experiences in Southern Africa and Indian Ocean.


At Cyclic Solutions, we believe water recycling and solar panels should become a standard item in every single home, farm and building, just like climate control, a heat pump or any innovative solutions to make the world greener and sustainable.


Managing your consumption is a civic act that is given to everyone to change and can be learned on a daily basis with accessible tools.


Having an integrated drinking water, irrigation water and electricity supply solution for farmers and villagers is a key to increase their resilience against the growing climate change impacts.

Dimitri Stroïnovsky

Dimitri is  a dynamic business developer, engineer by training, with more than 15 years of professional experience in management and operations. He has a strong interest in the renewable energies as well as the passion for creating a positive impact around him and to the world. He is concerned by environmental and climate issues ever since he has been living and working in Cape Town; He has been experiencing water and electricity scarcity and this triggers his growing interest in alternative solutions.

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