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Did you know?

The national average daily consumption for a typical household according to Eskom is over 30 kWh.

In South Africa, every kWh of electricity releases 0.5kg CO2  

Developing a 100MW Solar project is equivalent to planting 1 Million trees in 20 years with an impact of saving 160,000 tons of Co2 emissions a year.

The energy market is said to be worth $4 trillion globally, and solar penetration is less than 1%. But just one hour of sunlight, if harnessed, could power the entire world for a year. We have the opportunity to completely change the way energy is produced, distributed and consumed on a global scale.

The figures speak for themselves. More than 320 million Africans don’t have access to drinking water, even though the continent has more than 5000 billion cubic metres of water in its water tables. Less than 35% of the African population has electricity, even though the continent’s hydro-electric capacity is estimated to be 300 Gigawatts (GW), that is three times the current production capacity.

Interesting facts and innovations

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